Billy & Billy Pro
Billy & Billy Pro
Billy & Billy Pro
Billy & Billy Pro

Billy & Billy Pro

Theo dõi khuôn mặt và cơ thể | Hyperlapses | Ảnh 360º | Live streams | Quay video sản phẩm | Vlogs | Stop-motion animations
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Creating astonishing videos and photos has never been so easy🤯. Dance, play with pets, show items, record parties and training sessions, make hyperlapses, and whatever you want. Feel free in front of the camera. 

With Billy you don’t need to depend on others in your creativity. Try, test, learn, and create the best final content without the help of others. Be free in front of the camera. Only you and robot.

Shoot hyperlapse while painting or cooking.

 The presentation includes a walk thru SEE office and presentation of current state of Billy the robot project.

New Features

1. Now you can mount a tripod head also on the Billy basic and use it with DSLR and cameras up to 3 kg. At your request, we changed the thread to the standard 3/8 inch.

2. Billy Pro works also with gimbals

Create a charming vlog thanks to the camera and ring lamp connected to the robot. Billy is designed for video recording, ultra-silent, vibration free and exceptionally stable.

Smartphones and DSLR cameras are not included.

Take perfect shot remotely controlling Billy.

Dance, while Billy is making thrilling majestic orbital shots following your moves.

Surprise your viewers with movie-like shots. With Billy you can stream videos to Instagram, Tik-Tok👩‍🎤, Youtube, and more📲.

  • Social media users
  • Vloggers
  • YouTubers
  • TikTok Creators
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Fashion designers
  • Artists
  • Celebrities
  • PR and Creative Departments
  • Fans of cooking
  • Advertising agencies
  • and all creative minds


 Make product videos like a pro.

Make stop-motion animation as if alive.

 Billy is the master of face and body tracking.

Features an iOS and Android app running in the background with advanced image processing for face tracking based on a captured image from any recording or streaming application (e.g. stream directly to TikTok).

App functions:

(SEE Billy App 0.2).


1. Battery charge status


2. Control:

- Camera Tracking Off / On

- Auto route start Off / On

- Loop Off / On


3. Route settings:

Preset 0: Static tracking

Preset 1: Slider left-right

Preset 2: Slider in-out

Preset 3: Ellipse

Preset 4: 'Follow' slider left-right

Preset 5: Demo


Mode: Auto / Manual


Manual settings:

Distance: [inch]

Speed: 0 - 11.8 [inch / s]

Curve: 0— 360 [deg]

Radius: [inch]

Acceleration: 0 - 100%

Easy In - Out: 0 - 100%


4. Tracking:

Detect face: Off / On

Detect body: Off / On

Couple Mode: Off / On

Invert X axis: Off / On

Face position on frame: [%]


5. Screen Capture Off / On


6. Joystick

Auto back to center: Off / On


7. Update:

- Main processor

- Motion processor


8. Telemetry and diagnostics

Two patents are pending; this includes both the technology and design.


Billy and Billy Pro are designed for indoor use on a flat and smooth surface. They are not intended for use on carpets.

Smartphones and DSLR cameras are not included. Billy set does not include a tripod head.

A unique chance to help us and save up to 50% on Billy and Billy Pro.

Billy is in the production prototype stage. Right now, we’re facing the challenge of getting resources to launch production. That’s why we’ve decided to go for crowdfunding. The funds pledged will let us start manufacturing right away. The number of robots at this special price is limited, so make sure you’re first to get your very own one.


Now everything is up to you. Without your help, we won’t be able to start production. With your confidence, we can continue our mission. Every comment, share, and feedback from you is a great help and support for us. 


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